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Walking Safety

Arizona certainly offers more than its fair share of biking and walking opportunities. This page offers some resources to help you get the most out of your biking or walking activities, while doing them as safely as possible.

Walking Safety Tips

When walking, it’s important to think about safety. Statistically, the elderly and young children are more likely to be injured in a pedestrian accident. The best way to avoid an accident is by being knowledgeable of basic walking safety tips and being aware of your environment. The next time you’re walking, remember these tips:

  • Walking on the sidewalk is safest. If you have to walk on the shoulder of a road, always face oncoming traffic.
  • Be visible by wearing bright or white clothing in the day and reflective clothing at night (or carry a flashlight).
  • When crossing the street:
    • Cross only at corners, not the middle of a street
    • Use crosswalks
    • Look left, right, and left again
    • Stop at the curb before you step onto the street
    • Listen for motors, horns, or sirens
    • Obey the pedestrian signal at intersections, not the traffic signal
  • Walk across the street, don’t run
  • Make eye contact with drivers or wave
  • Use caution around parked cars, especially when stepping from between parked cars
  • Be aware at all times and expect the unexpected