Reports and Plans

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Bicyclist Safety Action Plan Thumbnail

Bicyclist Safety Action Plan (2018 Update)

2018 Bicyclist Safety Action Plan Update uses a data-driven approach to assess bicyclist-motorist crashes on the State Highway System (SHS) during the 2012-2016 period. The plan identifies steps, actions, and potential countermeasures that, upon implementation and over time, will measurably reduce bicyclist crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

Pedestrian Safety Action Plan Thumbnail

Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (2017 Update)

The 2017 Pedestrian Safety Action Plan provides a strategic action plan that effectively focuses resources to reduce the greatest number of severe injury and fatal pedestrian-motor vehicle crashes on the Arizona State Highway System.

Bicyclist and Pedestrian Count Strategy Plan Thumbnail

Bicyclist & Pedestrian Count Strategy Plan (2018)

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Strategy Plan is the first step for ADOT to implement a bicycle and pedestrian count program.

Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan - 2013

Statewide Bicycle Pedestrian Plan (2013 Update)

Planning for and constructing accommodations for bicycling and walking and improving safety, education, and enforcement programs are critical in increasing the mobility of pedestrians and bicyclists. One of the underlying principles in planning for bicycling and walking is to provide a system that allows users significant mode choices, and to make bicycling and walking a more attractive, viable option for transportation. This includes creating a non-motorized network comprised of on-street facilities, off-street facilities, and end of trip facilities.

ADOT Complete Transportation Guidebook Thumbnail

ADOT Complete Transportation Guidebook (2016)

The Complete Transportation Guidebook is a reference for integrating sustainable transportation practices into transportation planning, scoping, and design throughout ADOT’s project development process.